Suppose you are a player of a Minecraft game, then you must know about the different kinds of heads in Minecraft. There is a total of four types of heads. In these heads, some are creeper head Minecraft, zombie head Minecraft, and others you will learn in the article.

Zombie’s heads are a unique item that can be obtained in the popular video game Minecraft. They are rare drops that can be obtained by defeating zombies, and they have a chance of dropping only if a charged creeper explosion kills the zombie. Once obtained, zombie heads can be used as decorative items in the game and worn as a helmet by the player. Wearing a zombie’s head will cause nearby zombies not to attack the player unless the player attacks them first, which can be useful in certain situations.

Zombie’s heads are also used in crafting recipes, such as creating a “Totem of Undying” to prevent the player from dying. While zombie heads may seem like small and insignificant items in the game, they are rare and valuable items that can be used in various ways and are highly sought after by dedicated Minecraft players.

Purpose of heads in Minecraft

Heads are used in Minecraft only for decoration purposes. In Minecraft, players wear heads as headwear or helmets. Gamers can not get safety from damage after wearing heads in Minecraft.

The addition of heads in the Minecraft

Different kinds of decorative heads were added to the game with the release of Minecraft version 1.4.2. With the addition of a head, Minecraft gets a scarier game than earlier.

Who can wear the head in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, anyone can wear different kinds of heads. Specially humanoid mob and humanoid players use heads more frequently. In Minecraft, you can wear heads as you wear a helmet in your real life.

How many types of heads are in Minecraft?

There are four kinds of heads in Minecraft, which any player can wear. In this article, you will learn about all kinds of heads and little more detail about zombie’s heads in Minecraft.

The types of heads in Minecraft are:

  • Ender Dragon head Minecraft
  • Creeper head Minecraft
  • Skeleton head Minecraft
  • Zombie head Minecraft

Now you will learn about each Minecraft head with a short description:

Ender Dragon head Minecraft

To obtain the dragon head, one must enter the Outer End and break the head on an End ship located in a few cities at the Outer End.

Creeper head Minecraft

Among Minecraft’s hostile mobs, Creeper’s heads are unique. The Creeper’s tall vertical structure resembles a player, and its four legs and pixelated body that can range from greens to whites make it easy to recognize. In addition to not being affected by sunlight, it will always remain hostile. It constantly roams the map, looking for players to blow up, and poses a constant threat. Unlike spiders and creepers, most creepers respawn during the daytime. It is often Mojang’s mascot.

Skeleton head Minecraft

It is possible to obtain the Wither skeleton head in the same manner as the zombie’s head. As of version 1.8, getting the Creeper, skeleton, and zombie’s heads is possible by killing the individual parts mob with a charged creeper explosion.

Zombie head Minecraft

In this section, you will learn about the zombie’s head in Minecraft. In the mighty Minecraft game, zombie heads are decorative pieces you can quickly wear onto your head. But you have noticed that you will eventually fail if you try to make a zombie head in Minecraft with the help of a crafting table or furnace. In Minecraft, you can get zombie heads with extraordinary effort.

After the small introduction about the zombie’s head, let’s jump on how to get these heads in Minecraft.

Recipe of zombie’s head in Minecraft javascript

Whether you are playing Minecraft game on PC or Mac javascript, the only place where you can find the zombie’s heads is the creative inventory menu. You can only see the zombie head in Minecraft if your game version is between 1.8 to 1.19.

Ingredients for making zombie head Minecraft

In the Minecraft game, the material that you are required to get zombie’s heads are:

  • One flint
  • One steel

How to get a zombie head in Minecraft’s survival mode?

The zombie heads can be added to your inventory in Survival mode by using a charged creeper to blow up the zombie. If you have done it the same way, you can get a zombie’s head.

So, let’s discuss how to get the zombie head in survival mode without additional time.

Step 1

The first step toward getting the zombie’s head is to investigate and locate a zombie and charged Creeper to blow the zombie up. The best time for finding and fencing the zombies is rain time. Because in the rain time, the visibility of zombies fades away, and they can not outburst on fire compared to when there is no rain.

Once you find both charged Creeper and zombies, you have to fence both of them.

Step 2

Once you complete step no one, it’s time to jump on step no 2. All you have to do is ignite the charger creeper into the flames in this step. For initing the charged Creeper, you need to use the ingredients you read above.

It would help if you recalled fling and steel and put both ingredients into the hot bar. Once both items are placed in the hot bar, move your mouse cursor towards the charged Creeper; you have to right-click on charged Creeper if you are doing this on Java script edition.

When you right-click on the charged Creeper, it explodes with a bang.

Final Step

Now you are almost near to getting the zombie’s head. Once you right-click on the charged Creeper, it will explode, and in the same fencing, you put the zombie too. So, the mobs will die due to this explosion, and you can easily see the whole in the place of the blast.

Upon the charged Creeper’s explosion, the zombie will also die, allowing you to pick up the zombie head easily.

One precaution you should take is picking a zombie head as soon as possible. Because if you delay picking up, the head can vanish. So, take care of it.

In Minecraft, how can you grab a mob’s head?

Mob Heads may be acquired in a variety of ways. Every time a Charged Creeper kills one of the enemies mentioned above, Zombie, Creeper, and Skeleton skulls are dropped. When one is slain, there is a slim possibility that a wither skeleton skull may drop. At the end of End, Ships is the head of the Ender Dragon.


After picking up zombie’s head Minecraft, you can put this on your player’s head and enjoy the game. It is recommended to follow all these steps described above; otherwise, you cannot get zombie head Minecraft.

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  • What could you get from different head Minecraft?

Users can detect skeletons (but not wither skeletons), creepers, and zombies at 50% of their normal range with the corresponding mob head. It is similar to (and stacks with) the reduction in detection range from sneaking and the Invisibility status effect.

  • Is there a head that is the rarest in Minecraft?

Skulls from wither skeletons are the rarest of Minecraft’s mob heads. If a tamed wolf or a player kills a wither skeleton skull, there is a 2.5% chance that it will drop its head. A weapon enchanted with Looting III will increase the chance of looting to 5.5%.