Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is a thirty-five years old American professional wrestler. In 2022, Seth Rollins signed an agreement with the famous wrestling company. The wrestling lingo career startups started back in 2005. The first wrestling of Rollins was fought in a small ring, which had a ‘Gin.’. This ring was situated in the lower independent circuit. Seth Rollins is considered the most outstanding wrestler of the era.

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The real name of Seth Rollins

The screen name of Seth Rollins is famous publically. This famous wrestler’s actual name was unknown to most of his followers. In this article, you will know that Rollins’s real name is Colby Daniel Lopes. This name was given to Rollins when he was born. After starting wrestling care, he gives himself a new and unique wrestling name. Later, people start knowing him by only his wrestling name. His real name starts vanishing after joining his wrestling career.

Early Life of Seth Rollins

If you are curious about your hero’s early life, you are in the right place to know about Seth Rollins’s early life. This American wrestler was born in a well-known American city called Buffalow. Buffalo is the hometown of Seth Rollins, situated in the Love state of the United States of America. His family members and friends give him the name ‘Lopez.’

The reality of this surname is exciting as this surname comes from his stepfather. Seth Rollins considers his stepfather as his birth father. One of the most notable appearances of his elder brother’s father was seen by his follower on WWE 24.

Education of Seth Rollins

Rollins was very good at education as he went to high school to complete his education. This school’s name was “Davenport High school.” He graduated from this school in the year 2004.


When Seth Rollins was in his teenage years, he had prevalent personality attributes of an introvert. Rollins follows Rock as he gets a lot of inspiration from him. Seth Rollins is also a music lover. Heavy metal music is the favorite of Seth Rollins.

Age and zodiac sign of Seth Rollins

As of May 2022, Seth Rollins is 36 years old. The zodiac sign of his birth date is Gemini since he was born on twenty-eight May. His zodiac sign has a great impression on him and his personality overall.

Age and zodiac sign of Seth Rollins

Current Residence of Seth Rollins

As Buffalo, Lowa is the hometown of Rollins, but these days he does not resides in his hometown. Instead, his current residence is in Moline city, Illinois, USA.

Religion of Rollins

According to the information, Rollins was born in a Christian family but did not follow any religion. He is an openly admitted atheist. Rollins follows two well-known atheists:

  • Chicago Bears
  • St. Louis Cardinals

Seth Rollins height and other physical appearance

Seth Rollins, the most outstanding wrestler, is currently 36. If you are curious about Rollins’s height, your curiosity is over. The height of your hero is six feet. Suppose you want to know his height in centimeters, then he is one hundred eighty-five centimeters tall. He made himself so fit, and it is the result of his fitness that with 6 feet in height, his weight is only eighty-sixed kilograms.

Rolling colored his hair in blond color. This man’s eye is also a point of attraction with a dark brown color.

Rollins love life

Most of his fans want to know about his love life of Seth Rollins. In this section of the article, you will learn about the love life of Seth Rollins.

Rollins has associated with many women, and his love life is controversial. Some nude photos of his close relations with Zahra Schreiber and Leighla Schultz were leaked. After these controversies, his relationship with these two women comes to an end. Rollins, after these controversies, apologized to the media that these photos were leaked without his consent. This controversy came into the limelight from 2015 to 2018.

In 2019, Rollis was seen with his fellow wrestler Becky Lynch. They started dating each other in the early months of 2019, which they admitted in May 2019 on public media. After eight months of dating, they decided to get engaged. So they got engaged in August. After one and half years of their relationship, Becky Lynch and Rollins were expected to have a baby in May 2020. They have a beautiful girl, Roux. The date of birth of Roux is the fourth of December 2020. Finally, after a long relationship, this couple got married in 2021. As of 2022, Seth Rollins lives happily with his wife and daughter.

Net Worth

According to Celebrity’s Net Worth, Seth Rollins’ net worth is estimated to be an amount in the range of $9.5 million. Seth Rollins has wrestled for numerous promotions throughout his career. He is considered by many to be one of the top wrestlers of today. Pro-wrestling legend Sting said he was the best professional wrestler he’s ever seen and worked with.

The Architect’s Seth Rollins’ estimated net worth as of 2022

Seth Rollins has enormous riches in addition to his vast celebrity. According to Celebrity’s Net Worth, the wrestler will have a net worth of $9 million in 2022. The wrestler has taken part in several cinematic endeavors. This significantly raises his net price in addition to his primary occupation in wrestling.

Seth also owns 392 Dport. It is a coffee business that the wrestler owns in Iowa, where he was raised. In addition to his WWE pay, he earns 5% of direct sales and 25% of license revenue. The WWE wrestling organization pays the wrestler a sizable bonus as well.

Interesting facts about Seth Rollins

Here are some unique facts about Seth Rollins:

  • Before his professional wrestling career, Rollins was a standout amateur wrestler in high school and won several championships in Iowa.
  • He was trained by WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race and made his professional wrestling debut in 2005.
  • Rollins made his WWE debut in 2012 as a member of The Shield faction, along with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.
  • He is a multiple-time WWE World Champion, Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion, and Tag Team Champion.
  • Rollins is known for his high-flying and finishing move, the “Curb Stomp.”
  • Outside of wrestling, Rollins is a music enthusiast and plays guitar in a band called The Black & The Brave.
  • Rollins is also a video game enthusiast and has expressed interest in developing his own video game in the future.
  • In 2019, Rollins got engaged to fellow WWE wrestler Becky Lynch, and the couple welcomed their first child together, Roux, in December 2020.

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  • What is Seth Rollins’s salary?

Being one of the most famous superstars in WWE in the current era, Seth Rollins makes millions of dollars in his career as a rival and a spokesperson for the organization. It is estimated that Seth earns $3 million per year.

  • What would be Seth Rollins’s best friend?

Rollins has always had a strong rapport and Cesaro when they collaborate. In a recent interview, Seth mentioned Cesaro as his most trusted travel companion since they love working in the same gyms and enjoying coffee in the same spots before performances.